My Hunger Games Debut

Seven months and $155 million in box office grosses ago, I spent the day and night on the set of The Hunger Games. For ten hours we shot scenes inside the abandoned Philip Morris factory in Concord, NC of the arena control room (Warning *Spoilers ahead*). Over and over again, we shot our scenes featuring Seneca Crane (Wes Bentley),  while staring at green screens and pretending we were leading the imminent demise of 23 teenagers during an entertaining bloodbath.

Going into the midnight screening Thursday, I was unsure if the scenes I was in were left on the cutting room floor. However, at one hour, four minutes, and 21 seconds, moments before the countdown to the beginning of the games, the film flashes to the control room preparing the arena:

The Hunger Games Control Room

Though I definitely sat in that seat for a few scenes, I am not completely convinced that is me. Though my hair was longer back then, I do not believe it was as dark. The verdict will wait until the movie comes out on Blu Ray.

Though my friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the midnight premiere experience in Asheville, NC, I was still curious to check out a few scenes that passed by so quickly the first time. Two days later, my brother, wife, and I used this excuse to take in the Sunday matinee.  This time focusing on key locations on the screen, we found in the top right corner a diligent Game Tech controlling the arena moments after the riots of District 11. This can be found at one hour, 39 minutes, 53 seconds.

Game Techs & Seneca Crane, Moments After the District 11 Riots

I promise the shot is much better in the theater, so spend your money. At some point this week, I’ll blog my top five Hunger Games moments off the screen this past week. With autograph sessions, school presentations, and neighbors doubling as paparazzi so far, I’m sure I’ll be able to milk these two seconds of fame just a bit longer.

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